Children Bicycle Trailer & Jogging Stroller


We write our first post about this great Children Bicycle Trailer & Jogging Stroller, in which you can carry one or two kids, it comes with 5 point harnesses for both options (we’ve carried up to 4 happy kids!)

You can use it as a jogging stroller or to walk in places where it’s not easy to use a regular stroller (we’ve used it in a sandy beach as well as on the country side), being quite lightweight and easy to use. You can also attach it to your bike in quite a simple and safe way.

This is the second summer we use it, we’ve carried kids which now weight altogether more than 40kg without any issues (the maximum capacity is supposed to be 40kg).

It’s quite big, the kids are very happy to ride it and they have fun inside the trailer. Behind the kids there’s quite a big space, where you can carry for example some shopping bags or the tools and toys to go to the beach.

It’s quite easy to transport, you can take it appart and fold it. There’s a small detail they should fix, when you fold one part on top of the other, both pieces are at the same height, so the one on top isn’t completely folded and therefore it makes the folding a bit unstable. This is the one thing we would fix on this trolley.

It comes with the bike kit, the jogging/walking tires, a mosquito and a rain cover.

This trailer/stroller is great where the regular ones can’t go. It has a very good weight balance, you can easily raise the front wheel to overcome an obstacle. It also has a brake on the handlebar which is handy when you carry weight downhill.

The recommended usage is when the kids can sit down, when our baby was only 3 months old we use to carry her putting inside the car’s seat. The baby was very happy to go inside the stroller!

Regarding the price, it’s very affordable, especially compared to the other we found on the market. We’ve had it for a couple of years and we’ve used it a lot, it keeps working perfectly.

Our overall rating: 5 stars! Highly recommended!

If you like it here’s the link:

Children Bicycle Trailer & Jogging Stroller (Spain)

Children Bicycle Trailer & Jogging Stroller (UK)

Bose SoundLink III – Bluetooth Speakers

bose soundlink iii

altavozbose soundlink iiiFor a long time I wanted to get some high quality bluettoth speakers, and I finally decided to buy the Bose Soundlink III for 2 reasons: we barely listen to CDs anymore and having to plug the phone to the stereo with a cable is not very handy.

We use to have some basic ones, which we bought to play music for the kids while they were playing in their room, which were of the suction type. It was very handy to be able to play music everywhere but they lacked quality. The music volume was quite low, and they didn’t last too long (our eldest kid dropped it and it broke). The good thing is that they’re quite cheap.
On the other side, the Bose Soundlink III bluetooth speakers are top range among the portable speakers, being a bit heavier and bigger than the average. Due to this, you get a superior sound and a nice battery life (around 14 hours), more than average.
The volumen leve lis good, nice for playing music inside and outside, good enough for a small group gathering, although not enough for a large party.
The usage is simple and quite intuitive: it has 6 buttons at the top – three on each side. On one side you have the power button, input selection Bluetooth or cable. On the other side you have the volume control and the mute button which is quite handy. The Bluetooth pairing is straight forward – turn it on and use it, literally.
conexionesRegarding connectivity, it has 3 inputs: power, minijack aux and miniusb which can be used for upgrading the software.
The external materials are of good quality: aluminium casing, and soft touch plastic at the top and the bottom. The sides are covered with anti-slip material which provides more stability.
The only thing that worries me a bit are the top plastic buttons, they use soft plastic with painting, let’s see how long they last… If they don’t last long I’ll update the post.
llevate tu soundlink III As you can see, in general I’m very happy with the speakers, they do what they’re expected and they’re efficient and easy to use. The sound is very good and the bass response is surprisingly good, they’re made with the expected quality, and have a decent size and weight.
You need to take care of the battery of the device you use to send the music. This is a common thing for any Bluetooth speaker. We use to have a portable dock speaker set which was nice, which you could use to charge the phone when the battery was running out, but they don’t seem to make new ones, so we chose the Bluetooth speakers…
Here are the links to buy them if you’re interested:
Bose Soundlink III (Spain)
Bluetooth suction speaker (Spain)
Bose Soundlink III (UK)
Bluetooth suction speaker (UK)

Kids and Babies Swimming Aids


flotador bebe swimtrainermanguitos delpinThe swim season is here again, now it’s time to start enjoying the water with the kids again! We’re going to talk about the different types of tools we use for our kids, we’ve had the same float and swim discs for over 3 years and there’s always someone interested on them.

The SwimTrainer “Classic” float is supposed to be for babies between 3 months and 4 years (up to 40lbs or 18kg), we use it between 3months and 1,5-2 years. When we start swimming with our babies, at first we take them into the water without any device, so they can get used to the feelings and we make small games with them. Once they enjoy being in the water, we start using the float so they can enjoy moving on their own and to go into the sea safely (especially when it’s a bit wavy). It’s designed so it’s not easy to turn around and it has straps so the kid can’t fall out of it.  Of course, there must always be someone looking at the kids to ensure they’re safe. The swimming position with this float is allows kids to learn to swim easily. Babies really enjoy their independence in the water, especially when they’re so young they can’t even crawl and they start being able to move where they want to go in the water. It’s great for everyone!

Once the kids are a bit older, they want to be able to touch the water with their hands and play with it. That’s when we start using the foam Swimming Disks. Delphin´s Swimming Disks come on a 6 pieces pack (2 of each color), which can be used together or independently. At the beginning of the season we use all 3 of them on each arm, then we start removing disks 2 by 2. The kids feel very safe with the disks, they can start swimming independently from 1,5 years onwards (under adult supervision). This armbands are better than the regular blow up ones because:

  • They don’t leak
  • There’s no need to inflate them
  • Kids put them on happily – no red skin problems
  • Kids put them on and take them off easily
  • They are durable (this is our 4th summer with them, despite a number of sneeky bite)

  Apart from this, we have the typical water noodle, which is fun for them from 2 years on, and it’s great when kids start learning to swim, since it’s not as tied as the armbands. Adults need to be extra alert when kids are using the noodle…


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our post, now let’s go for a bath! If you’re interested on buying on the internet, here are the links:

Garden Swing Set with Glider

swing set


Now that Spring is here and the weather is getting nicer, we’re going to review the Infantastic Swing Set with Glider we bought last year. This Swing Set has two Swing Seats and a Glider, so 4 kids can use it at the same time.
When we bought it more than a year ago we were looking for a swing set for the garden of a house with four kids, we bought this one which looked nice and had a really good price – below 100€, the rest we had seen were over 150€.
We spent a couple of hours assembling the Swing Set between 2 people, the instructions are simple and easy to follow. All the pieces came in good condition. It comes with quite a large number of screws, we recommend classifying them initially and using an electric screwdriver to save up time.

The swing seats are made of light plastic, if the kidscolumpios plástico accidentally pass nearby the hit won’t be as hard as if they were made of wood of metal. The kids that are using it are quite young (between 1 and 5 years) and they’re all quite happy using the Swing Set. The older kids also like using the lateral bars as monkey bars and hang on them.

engancheWe have it just as it comes, but you can also hang a toddler swing seat if you want. Our babies (1,5 years old) love using the Glidder and are able to hang on to it. The swing seats are not tall as they come, the 3 years old kids can use them and get off easily.

For the moment, the swing seat is in very good condition and we haven’t done any maintenance work on it at all, so we’re really happy with it. Ours isn’t anchored to the ground and for the moment this hasn’t been a problem, we’ve read that the version in the UK comes with ground bolts.

If you’re interested here are the links to buy it:

Book review Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer – Tracy Hogg, Melinda Blau

Today I’m going to write about this book which helped me understand my babies. Wouldn’t it be great if the babies (and kids of all ages) came with an instructions guide? Well, this is not exactly that but it definitely helps.

I bought it before having my first baby after a talk with a friend. I wasn’t really planning on buying any book on babies, but I use to browse the internet to see what was going on.

The book is divided in different chapters and can be read completely or as a reference book. It has a section about crying and the reasons, which I have used again with my second child, on the first months it was great having it as a reference book even with the second baby.

The book is written by a “baby whisperer”, which has helped many mothers learn how to take care of their kids. It has all the basic themes – feeding, sleeping, crying, basic care…

Reading it helped me, among others, understand that not all the kids are the same and the tricks aren’t always the same (now that I have two kids I’ve seen that this is absolutely true).

It helped create a routine with my babies. With all the hormonal changes that come after giving birth, the lack of sleep and the importance of having a baby took me to be full of doubts. I use to doubt of everything – is he eating too much/too little, he sleeps a lot/today not as much, is he cold/hot… a disaster. This book helped me take a step back and focus and calm down.

We established a routine with the kids, which has been changing with the situations (we don’t have the same routine at the beginning, when we’re on holidays, when they start school…) but we always have a routine. There are certain parts of the routine (eating, sleeping, and bathing) which we normally keep the same, which helps when we travel around. There are also some days when we break the routine (Christmas, birthdays…) and that’s also great.

Our kids eat very well and sleep all night since they were less than 3 months old. What else could we ask for?

If you’re expecting or if you’ve just had a baby I totally recommend this book.

Here are the links to buy them if you’re interested:

Corkscrews 4 all (2)


Hi All! We keep writing about corkscrews today, since it seemed to have caught the reader’s interest.
We’ll review the good all waiters corkscrews and a newer deluxe one.
Let’s start with the waiters corskscrew which we’ve been using all our life. This bottle corkscrews are usually very durable, and if the quality is good, the spiral is thin, and the head has a two-step system, they usually work quite well. Normally they also include a foil cutter and they can be used to open bottles.
They last quite long and they’re easy to carry since they’re quite small. On the other hand, you need to be quite careful while using it since it’s quite easy to introduce the spiral on a side which will lead to breaking the cork… Apart from that, if the cork is stuck, it takes quite some effort to get it off.sacacorchos_camarero

On the other hand, if you manage to use it properly and with confidence, you’ll make a good impression as an experienced wine expert 😉

The next one is a newer deluxe kind that makes the cork extraction quite easy.

Lacor 63026 - Estuche sacacorchos+descaps. luxe "s"This corkscrew type is very easy and confy to use, which will help you open the bottles easily and with very little effort.
In order to use it, you have to close the handle, which will strangle the bottle, that way the spiral which always be in the middle of the cork. Then you push the top piece down and pull it up, extracting the cork seamlessly.

sacacorchos autom
To take the cork out of the spiral, you push it down again, closet he handle and pull the spiral up, easily extracting the cork.

This corkscrews are very easy to use, but they are quite bulky and we’ve had a few which broke in a couple of years. They’ve lasted quite less than the rest we’ve had. Even if they were quite nice to use we haven’t bought another one… we would but it again as present.

This is our second corkscrews article, if you want to keep reading more about corkscrews go to our first article in which we talk about the Napoleon and the Gitano types.

If you’re interested on buying them, here are the links:

Samsung Smart TV 40H5500

Here’s our new TV, a Samsung Smart TV whith Wi-Fi Direct, and Freeview HD (Energy Class A+). The 40H5500 model.

After expending quite some time digging around which TV to buy, this is the TV I finally got for a Christmas present.

It’s only been a few months at home, but we’re definitely very pleased with it. You can watch it in full day light or in the dark and the image is very clear. It was very easy to set up, and it’s easy to connect to any kind of device.

Deciding which TV to buy took me a while, reason why I’m sharing with you my considerations. Should I go for a 3D model? How important is the update frequency?

After some internet digging and talking to a number of sellers in different stores, this are my conclusions:

  • If you want to be able to have apps on your TV, go for a Samsung, they’re the ones with more developed apps
  • Wi-Fi Direct: the TVs that don’t come with Wi-Fi have to use a Wi-Fi adaptor to connect to the internet. They usually cost more or less the same as the difference with the Wi-Fi direct version, and you never know if they’ll work properly… I went for the Wi-Fi Direct version – it’s quite handy to be able to play youtube directly on you TV
  • 3D yes or no? up to now they’re isn’t much content in 3D. There’s a number of different technologies on the market, at the moment you have to use glasses for 3D, but they’re trying to make glass free 3D versions and the technology is advancing quickly. I went for a non 3D version.
  • Frequency – this TV is “only” 100Hz. You can see some difference with very high speed images. I spent a while looking at a 400Hz and a 100Hz screen in a store, I couldn’t see that big a difference and the price was considerably higher.
  • Remote control: this TV has a regular remote, the higher range Samsung TVs have a Wii style remote. I thought this wouldn’t make such a difference, since you can download an app on your mobile phone and use it as remote. This allows using the keyboard from your phone making it quicker. It doesn’t work for all programs, but this is not a life changer for me.
  • You can plug in a USB with videos and watch them directly on the TV, you won’t need to plug a computer anymore
  • You can send pics and videos from your phone using the app.
  • You can record the TV contents and “pause the TV” to keep watching later.
  • The only thing that annoys me from this TV so far is the way you have to navigate through different menus to change to dual mode (in order to watch TV in the original audio).

Here’s the link if you like this TV:

Leave a post if there’s somehting you want to add!

Corkscrews 4 all


Hi All! Today is our very first post that responds to a demand! Thanks to Antonio Gómez and Vicky Ramos for responding to our question on Facebook!

So… here it is! :) We will talk about different corkscrews in a series of posts, this is the first one where we’ll present the latest ones we’ve bought not long ago.

A few days ago I bought two different types of corkscrews, one is a classic one, and the other a bit more particular, of the gitano (or two-prong) type.

Before choosing a corkscrew for your bottle, firstable you have to asses the cork status. If it’s in good condition, you can really use any type. But if the cork is damaged or is weak, you have to be more careful and choose the right type, either the gitano or an air corkscrew (not included in this review, I don’t have one, yet).

Let’s start with the classic and leave the special for the end.classic_corkscrew

The first now is a Bravantia Napoleon corkscrew, very solid and durable.

It’s made of high quality ABS plastic on the outside and metal on the inside, offering a good balance between robustness and usability.

The inner part is in charge of extracting the cork and cutting the cap, plus a ring that helps you centering the spiral, assuring optimum extraction.

The handler is big enough to operate and twist easily, making the extraction a very easy and quick process.

The only drawback is that is a bit bulky, far away from this small and handy waiter’s corkscrews.

So if you have enough space, this corkscrew won’t disappoint you, making the extraction an easy and effortless process.

Time for the next one! The ‘gitano’ (or two-prong) corkscrew, here it is:

sacacorchos_gitanoI bought this one because I was curious on how it works, and I have to say that is a very good one!

The blades get inside the bottle, between the cristal and the cork, surprisingly easily, and it extracts the cork pulling the whole block up.

I’d say that is perfect for pulling damaged corks, but I have not tried it yet.

Here are a few instructions to use it.


In short I’d say that they both are really nice corkscrews and my investigation before buying them has been worth the trouble.

Please favorite us if you like this review and here are the links in case you are interested:

If you would like to keep reading about corkscrews read our second article (waiters and deluxe corkscrews).

Thanks for reading!

Termoscud Leg Cover Tucano Urbano

I’ve been driving a scooter around Madrid all my life (20+ years…), and in winter it gets really cold! A year ago I got a Tucano Urbano Termoscud Leg Cover for my birthday. At first I wasn’t very pleased with the idea.. I didn’t really like the looks and I thought this was just another unnecessary gadget.

After a couple of winters with it, I wouldn’t think of driving a scooter in winter without my Tucano Urbano Leg Cover! No more covering/uncovering my legs in front of everybody with the legs raincoats. No more getting wet when it rains hard, the cover is quite thick and the water is repelled. No more getting cold in winter, it comes with a warm layer. At last but not least – no more wet seat when it rains!

The Tucano Urbano Leg Cover gets fixed to the moped with screws, it takes a while to put it on and take it off (20-30 mins aprox) but that’s definitely a well-used time! If you’re not really into DYI, just take your moped to your local shop, they’ll probably do it nearly for free (if they’re actually billing you for some other work).

The Tucano Urbano Leg Cover has the following features:

  • A part that covers your legs with a warm layer that can be zipped/unzipped easily so you can put it on during the cold days and take it off when it gets warmer
  • A part that goes on top of your upper body and is attached to your neck, so you won’t get cold in winter (it has an easy release to avoid any security issues if you fall)
  • An extensible cover that covers the moped’s seat so it doesn’t get wet while it’s parked

Being attached with multiple screws, you won’t have to worry about it getting stolen easily.

This days, when it’s really cold, I appreaciate the Tucano Urbano Leg Cover more than ever! This reminds me of gone with the wind “I will never get so cold and wet again!”

Here’s the link to:

Kindle PaperWhite Ereader Review

kindle paperwhite

If you like reading, you’ve probably thought to yourself already why so many people read in tablets or ereaders this days…

Even being quite a gadget geek, I thought I’d never get into reading with an e-reader at first. When I got a Kindle for Christmass I thought that I wouldn’t get round to use it much, but I’d give it a try.

Well.. this year I must have read just a couple of books in paper and all the rest on my Kindle. It’s just so practical for the following reasons:

  • You don’t need to turn on the light to read: you can adjust the brightness on the kindle so you can use it to read in the beach as well as in a dark room (I had a baby in my room last year…)
  • You can keep reading from other devices: you just need to download the free kindle app on your phone or tablet, and you can keep reading your book when you have some dull time and all you have with you is your phone (bus, tube, waiting at the doctor’s…).  I have the WiFi version, which saves automatically where I stopped reading.
  • There’s plenty of books, including a lot of free or really cheap ones – many authors do special sales and freebies to get people to know them
  • You download your books directly on the Kindle, no need to ever plug it to a computer
  • You can share books within your family – up to 2 adults and 2 kids
  • You can take notes on the books, and save quotes you like (which you can share with other people if you want)
  • It’s very easy to travel with, the battery lasts long (I charge it every 2-3 weeks), it’s very thin and light
  • You can download a number of dictionaries in different languages, once installed you just need to highlight the word you don’t know to see the definition. Very handy when I’m reading in other languages

The only negative point I see to the kindle is that I nearly don’t read paper books anymore….

I don’t use the kindle to browse the internet, the browser is quite limited, I only use it as ereader.

I’ve bought a couple this Christmas as presents (one of them for my non so techy father which uses it a lot (much more than what I thought).

If you like it you can find it on Amazon: