Children Bicycle Trailer & Jogging Stroller

We write our first post about this great Children Bicycle Trailer & Jogging Stroller, in which you can carry one or two kids, it comes with 5 point harnesses for both options (we’ve carried up to 4 happy kids!)

You can use it as a jogging stroller or to walk in places where it’s not easy to use a regular stroller (we’ve used it in a sandy beach as well as on the country side), being quite lightweight and easy to use. You can also attach it to your bike in quite a simple and safe way.

This is the second summer we use it, we’ve carried kids which now weight altogether more than 40kg without any issues (the maximum capacity is supposed to be 40kg).

It’s quite big, the kids are very happy to ride it and they have fun inside the trailer. Behind the kids there’s quite a big space, where you can carry for example some shopping bags or the tools and toys to go to the beach.

It’s quite easy to transport, you can take it appart and fold it. There’s a small detail they should fix, when you fold one part on top of the other, both pieces are at the same height, so the one on top isn’t completely folded and therefore it makes the folding a bit unstable. This is the one thing we would fix on this trolley.

It comes with the bike kit, the jogging/walking tires, a mosquito and a rain cover.

This trailer/stroller is great where the regular ones can’t go. It has a very good weight balance, you can easily raise the front wheel to overcome an obstacle. It also has a brake on the handlebar which is handy when you carry weight downhill.

The recommended usage is when the kids can sit down, when our baby was only 3 months old we use to carry her putting inside the car’s seat. The baby was very happy to go inside the stroller!

Regarding the price, it’s very affordable, especially compared to the other we found on the market. We’ve had it for a couple of years and we’ve used it a lot, it keeps working perfectly.

Our overall rating: 5 stars! Highly recommended!

If you like it here’s the link:

Children Bicycle Trailer & Jogging Stroller (Spain)

Children Bicycle Trailer & Jogging Stroller (UK)

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